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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Please check below for answers to our most commonly asked questions.

If you do not see an answer to your particular question, please visit our contact page and submit your question directly to use. Our knowledgeable support personnel will respond within 24 hours of receiving your message.

Do I need to log in to my account to receive your football tips?

No, we will send the tips directly to your email inbox.

When will I receive your football tips?

Tips are emailed early so that you have plenty of time to place your bets before the matches. You will receive your tips at least 14-48 hours prior to the start of a match.

Why do you email your tips?

We believe this is the fastest, most convenient way to receive our football tips.

Do I need to be a soccer expert to use your tips?

No, in fact, you can have no soccer knowledge at all and still succeed with our tips. Just follow the tips we send you, place your bets and count your winnings.

Do you predict only the top leagues or lesser known leagues as well?

We cover all leagues all over the world. Our only rule is we provide you with the tips with the highest probability of winning – no matter where that match might be played. Most of our picks are from the premier leagues though.

How do I pay for your tips?

You can use any of the following methods to pay via our secure website:

Credit Card, Debit Card and Paypal.